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วันพฤหัสบดีที่ 21 ตุลาคม พ.ศ. 2553

Temple. (Amphoe Mueang.)

Temple  travel in Amphoe Mueang Tak...........

Wat Khao Tham
Wat Khao Tham (วัดเขาถ้ำ).
- Was built in 2437 Census. A temple lined with natural stone put together a sophisticated floor. Entrance to a hill about 70 m. in Wat Khao Tham is what is interesting.
- Footprint model.
- The Sang Ja chai Buddha statue.
- Kuan Yin Buddha statue.
- Luang Pho Tam Jai (in the temple).
And on top of the hill is a pagoda, overlooking stunning views of the city was dry.

Wat Manee Banphot Worawihan

Ho Trai
Wat Manee Banphot Worawihan (วัดมณีบรรพตวรวิหาร).
- The temple is situated on a hill, also known called "Wat Khao Kaew", a 2390 last year. The key is the statue of "Buddha Saeng Thong" (Chiang Saen Buddha images is 30 inches wide). Tak is a Buddha image and "Ho Trai" governor, Ruan a cubicle.

Wat Bot Mani Siboonruang
Wat Bot Mani Siboonruang (วัดโบสถ์มณีศรีบุญเรือง).
- A temple built on 2401 Census. Inside the temple is the pagoda containing relics of Buddha and the key is the "Luang Pho Phutthamon" (Buddha model is built in Sukhothai period last year. Century 19). A very beautiful appearance.

Wat Si Talaram or Wat Nam Huk
Wat Si Talaram or Wat Nam Huk (วัดสีตลาราม หรือ วัดน้ำหัก).
- The ancient temples of the province churches and buildings built according to European art. Front hall has a chapel built of wood carving pattern Within the statue of Ayutthaya. The atmosphere inside the temple.

Wat Doi Koi Khao keaw
Wat Doi Koi Khao keaw or Wat Klang Saun Dokmai (วัดดอยข่อยเขาแก้ว และวัดกลางสวนดอกไม้ ).
- Tak is the temple of God to violent prestige, the policies at landmarks are the church's temple Bai Sema couple, and the Buddha model. Have 2  pagoda in front of the temple inside the bones that contains his father, the mother of King Taksin.

Wat Phra Narai Maharat
Wat Phra Narai Maharat (วัดพระนารายณ์มหาราช).
- The temple is situated on the hill was "Khao Keaw" Inside the temple with the temple ruins, the temple wall collapsed, and a little more of a sanctuary. Both the building in Ayutthaya. Pagodas and other large rectangular base body, created by "King Chai Ya Rachathirach" In the Year 2088.